Swimming is a full body workout that requires significant cardiovascular fitness. Standup paddleboarding (SUP) also requires fitness plus balance. Open water swimming and SUP are potentially dangerous endeavors if you aren't prepared. Away from shore it isn’t easy to take a break if the body cramps up or extreme fatigue sets in. Hypothermia is also another risk for those who may not be acclimated to the not always warm temperatures of the Los Alamitos Bay. It is recommended that anyone entering the Naples Island Swim & SUP races spend some time training for the Event beforehand.

For adults looking to get into swimming shape, training with a United States Masters Swim Team is the best bet. There are teams throughout Southern California and the entire United States that host daily workouts for all experience levels. To find more information on a club near you, check out the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming or United States Masters Swimming websites.

For the best local insight into the race and training, check out the Long Beach State Masters team and Swim Long Beach. With 9 possible training times at LBSM and 3 at SwimLB each week they will get you in shape for the event!

There are also many spontaneous training swims that happen in the bay throughout the summer. You never know who you might run into on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. There is a 500-yard measured buoy line along the beach from 2nd Street along Bayshore Avenue to 54th Place that is regularly used as a swim lane, so just hop in!

Be sure to check the NOAA data on local water temperatures to be sure you are prepared for the exposure: NOAACoastal Water Temperature Table. There are also new water temperature and water quality signs at the Event registration area.

Southern California Races to Help Prepare

For SUP, check Paddle Guru

For open water swimming, check the Southern Pacific Masters open water schedule